Fibre Deals 2024

Fibre deals, start from as little as R299 per month. Get the best fibre deals in 2024. We’ve hand-picked deals from some of the top networks and ISPs in South Africa to give you a broad range to choose from.

Get Fibre Deals from R299

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How to Find The Best Fibre Deals

(1) Check A Fibre Coverage Map

Vuma fibre is not available in all parts of the country so it’s important to check your coverage first.

(2) Find an Fibre ISP

If Vuma Fibre is available in your area the next step is choosing an ISP provider that suits you. We highly recommend WebAfrica

(3) Select a Fibre Package That Works For You

There’s loads of fibre packages to choose from, with deals starting R399. There’s lots to choose from. You can find a short list below.

Choose a Fibre Deal

Use the filters below to select the fibre deal that suits you. Narrow the list by choosing the price range, network, package symmetry (asymmetrical or symmetrical line) and speed up and speed down. We’ve also conducted some unique research on fibre cost per Mbps and overall cost per year in view of seeing the real value of each package.

Vuma Fibre Deals

Webafrica has some super cheap Vuma fibre deals on offer. Like-for-like the 50/50 Mbps deal is R106 cheaper per month than the same speed band offered by RSAWeb. That’s a whopping R1272 per year saving. Double your speed to 100/100 and Webafrica knocks R146 per month, saving you  R1752 per year. 

Find a Fibre Deal That Works

Casual use

10 Mbps Download

3-4 Connected Devices

4K Streaming NA

5GB HD Movie Download - 1 hr 8 min

Media Streaming

20 Mbps Download

4-5 Conntect Devices

4K Streaming (1 Device)

5 GB HD Movie Download - 36 minutes


40 Mbps Download

5-10 Devices

4K Streaming (2 Devices)

5 GB HD Movie Download - 18 minutes

Best for Businesses

100 Mbps Download

10+ Connected Devices

4K Streaming X5 Devices

5 GB HD Movie Download - 7 minutes

Things to Consider When Picking a Fibre Deal

There are many good reasons to switch to fibre, but here’s a few.

Hyper Performance Gaming

Whether you’re a fan of racing games or shoot ‘em ups – from Xbox to SA Gamer Fibre is the best way to experience your favourite game platforms with minimal lag times.

Why Chose Fibre?

Enjoy speeds that making using streaming services easy. Streaming with Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, DSTV Now and iTune Movies etc won’t be a problem with a good Fibre connection. That goes for music or online gaming or whatever else you find useful with a good internet connection. Say goodbye to slow load speeds!

Can I get Fibre in my location?

Fibre is still being installed across the country, however, it is now available in all the provinces in South Africa with new locations being added all the time. To check if you can get Fibre you can click on the check coverage button above.

HD Live Stream TV

Binge your favourite Netflix original, catch up on Showmax series or stream movies off Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime. Experience them all in HD, without buffering or lag.

Do I need a telephone line from Telkom?

No! this is a completely separate option to a normal voice line

What Speed Do I Need?

If you’re actively streaming most of your music, movies, and series we recommend a 10Mbps (or higher) line to enjoy the likes of Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime and DSTV NOW without annoying buffering or lag times.

What do I need to get up and running?

Choose the best deal for you in the handy table here at FastestFibre and then start the process by clicking on the one that is right for you to get the offer.

Fibre Deal FAQs

Deals from leading fibre networks are worth considering. Note that the network availability differs by location so you’ll first need to check the networks available in your area

1. Cost-effective Solution

Fibre internet is more economical than conventional connectivity methods (see our cheapest fibre deals page). A fixed ADSL line costs approximately R430 per month, providing less than 10 Mbps of speed. In contrast, with  Vuma Fibre Reach you’ll get 20 Mbps download and 10 upload uncapped streaming with WebAfrica for just R399 per month. Say goodbye to expensive data and slow internet speeds and hello to affordable, reliable fibre internet.

2. No Contract Required

Vuma Fibre Reach eliminates the need for long-term contracts. ISPs like Home Connect and offer a  month-to-month service that can be easily renewed, and there’s no need to worry about termination fees. Additionally, a free router will be installed and activated at no cost. Payment options include Easypay and Payfast for your convenience.

3. Empowering Education & Work

Vuma Fibre Reach enables numerous opportunities for education and employment. Job hunting, for example, becomes more accessible online, and individuals can enhance their skills using various resources. 

4. Stay Connected

Vuma Fibre Reach ensures you’re always in touch with friends and family, both near and far, 24/7, significantly reducing data costs. The only time you’ll need data is for occasional out-of-home activities, such as sending a WhatsApp message.

5. Continuous Entertainment

With Vuma Fibre Reach, entertainment options like Netflix, Showmax, YouTube, music streaming, live sports streaming, and social media are always available. Gone are the days of waiting for your favourite TV show; watch what you want, when you want, all day long.

6. Enhanced Productivity

With high-speed fibre connectivity, you’ll notice a significant boost in productivity, as tasks that once took hours can be completed in minutes. Say goodbye to buffering, long download times, and interrupted video conferences, and enjoy seamless online experiences that enhance both work and leisure activities.

7. Future-proof Technology

Fibre internet is a future-proof technology that can easily adapt to increased data demands and new technological advancements. Vuma Fibre Reach ensures that you stay ahead of the curve, enabling you to utilise the latest innovations without worrying about outdated infrastructure.

8. Improved Security

Fibre technology offers increased security compared to traditional internet connections. Due to its physical nature, fibre is more resistant to hacking attempts and interference, protecting your sensitive data and online activities from cyber threats.

9. Eco-friendly Option

Fibre internet is an eco-friendly choice, as it consumes less energy than traditional copper-based connections. By choosing Vuma Fibre Reach, you are contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

10. Great Gaming Experience

Gamers will rejoice with Vuma Fibre has low latency and swift speeds. Online gaming becomes a dream with reduced lag, enabling you to enjoy smooth gameplay, even in high-demand, competitive environments.

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