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All the questions you have on fibre internet we have the answers for. From questions about which fibre providers are available in South Africa, to how much speed you need for your household, we have the answers.


What are the fibre guides?

Very simply, the fibre guides are designed to help you find the perfect fibre package. We break down complex tech jargon into easily understandable information, covering everything from the basics of fibre broadband, the different types of fibre connections available, to the myriad of benefits that fibre offers over traditional ADSL internet solutions.

This whole section is committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision, ensuring a seamless transition to high-speed, reliable internet.ย 

Fibre Guides
What is an FNO?

What is an FNO?

Fibre Network Owners (FNOs) are the backbone of South Africa’s fibre optic infrastructure, responsible for deploying, managing, and maintaining the networks that deliver high-speed internet to consumers. From trenching and installing fibre boxes to collaborating with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), these companies play a pivotal role in providing seamless connectivity.

In South Africa, several FNOs are driving the expansion of fibre networks. Notable FNOs include Octotel, known for its open-access networks; Frogfoot, with a strong presence in major cities; Openserve, a subsidiary of Telkom Group; Vumatel, a pioneer in residential fibre; and other dynamic players like Linklayer, Lightstruck, Vodacom, MetroFibre, Mitsol, and Zoom Fibre. Each of these FNOs offers unique deals and packages, catering to a diverse range of customer needs.

Speed Testing

Run a speed test on your current connection to to see how fast it is. Speed tests measure both upload and download speeds.

Fibre Package Comparison

Run side-by-side comparisons of fibre packages to find the one that suites you best amongst the packages available in your area.

Package Speed Calculator

Calculate how much speed you need (up and down) for your home or business using our simple package speed calculator.

What Plan Is Right For You?

Casual use


10 Mbps Download


3-4 Connected Devices


4K Streaming NA


5GB HD Movie Download - 1 hr 8 min

Media Streaming


20 Mbps Download


4-5 Conntect Devices


4K Streaming (1 Device)


5 GB HD Movie Download - 36 minutes



40 Mbps Download


5-10 Devices


4K Streaming (2 Devices)


5 GB HD Movie Download - 18 minutes

Best for Businesses


100 Mbps Download


10+ Connected Devices


4K Streaming X5 Devices


5 GB HD Movie Download - 7 minutes

FAQs on Cheap Fibre Deals

Here are a few common questions about cheap fibre deals in South Africa

What are the cheapest fibre deals available in South Africa?

South Africa has a variety of fibre providers offering different packages at various price points. Cheap fibre deals typically offer lower internet speeds. Before you purchase a cheap fibre deal it’s important to evaluate your internet usage needs and compare different deals to find the one that meets your requirements while also fitting your budget. Bear in mind that not all deals will be available in your area, so it’s important to check that.

What are Cheapest Fibre Deals in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg (aka Joburg or Jozi) have some great fibre deals. It’s also a great place for high-speed fibre. Fibre speeds in Johannesburg are among the best in the country, largely due to Gauteng’s economic prowess in relation to the rest of South Africa. In their latest November 2022 report (collected from millions of tests), Speedtestยฎ data shows a medium download speed in the Gauteng province as 46.93 with Joburg hitting 51.59 Mbps.

An earlier study by Ookla measured the average download speeds and upload speeds in South Africa at 38.47 Mbps and 27.92 Mbps respectively, showing ISPs in Joburg such as Axxess, Cool Ideas, and Vox Telecom, offering speeds faster than 40 Mbps.

The data also shows that WebAfrica is the fastest ISP in Johannesburg with speeds ranging between 26 and 106 Mbps. This makes Johannesburg a great place for those looking for high-speed, reliable, and affordable fibre internet connections. With R19 first-month fibre deals currently being offered and reasonable rates for all packages, it’s well worth visiting WebAfrica.

ISPs in South Africa include:

Johannesburg Fixed Internet Speeds

How can I find the cheapest fibre deals in my area?

Finding the cheapest fibre deals in your area is easy with the help of online comparison tools. By entering your location and required internet speed, these tools can display a range of packages from different providers. This will allow you to compare prices and choose the cheapest option that meets your needs.ย 

Are there any hidden costs associated with cheap fibre deals?

While cheap fibre deals can seem attractive, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions of any fibre deal contract to ensure that you understand the full cost of the package. Some providers may have hidden costs such as installation fees or clawback clauses if you cancel within the first 12 months. Make sure you take note of these before you purchase.

Are there any special discounts for cheap fibre deals?

Yes, fibre providers tend to offer promotional discounts and special offers to attract new customers. If you’re an existing customer you’re unlikely to have the same benefits. Benefits can include reduced monthly fees, free installation, or discounted equipment fees (e.g. a free router). It’s worth checking with different ISPs to see what offers are available before purchasing.

How affordable is fibre-optic broadband in South Africa?

Fibre-optic internet has become increasingly affordable in South Africa, with prices now comparable to or even cheaper than traditional ADSL connections. Many providers offer various packages and deals, so it’s worth shopping around to find one that suits your budget. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that fibre-optic broadband is only a few rands more expensive than standard broadband, yet provides a significantly faster and more reliable internet connection.

Why Switch To Fibre?

There are many good reasons to switch to fibre, but here’s a few.

Hyper Performance Gaming

Whether youโ€™re a fan of racing games or shoot โ€˜em ups – from Xbox to SA Gamer Fibre is the best way to experience your favourite game platforms with minimal lag times.

Why Chose Fibre?

Enjoy speeds that making using streaming services easy. Streaming with Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, DSTV Now and iTune Movies etc wonโ€™t be a problem with a good Fibre connection. That goes for music or online gaming or whatever else you find useful with a good internet connection. Say goodbye to slow load speeds!

Can I get Fibre in my location?

Fibre is still being installed across the country, however, it is now available in all the provinces in South Africa with new locations being added all the time. To check if you can get Fibre you can click on the check coverage button above.

HD Live Stream TV

Binge your favourite Netflix original, catch up on Showmax series or stream movies off Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime. Experience them all in HD, without buffering or lag.

Do I need a telephone line from Telkom?

No! this is a completely separate option to a normal voice line

What Speed Do I Need?

If you’re actively streaming most of your music, movies, and series we recommend a 10Mbps (or higher) line to enjoy the likes of Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime and DSTV NOW without annoying buffering or lag times.

What do I need to get up and running?

Choose the best deal for you in the handy table here at FastestFibre and then start the process by clicking on the one that is right for you to get the offer.

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