Best Fibre ISP South Africa 2024

Looking for a best possible ISP in South Africa 2024? here’s a quick guide to help you sift through the options. The review below looks at ISPs across South Africa. Don’t sign up to an ISP package deal until you’ve read this.

Who Are the Top Fibre Internet ISPs in South Africa?




Speed Score - 34.21


Netflix Speed Index - 3.6


Trust Pilot Score - 4.4


Satisfaction - 76%


Hello Peter - 1.8



Speed Score - 30.02


Netflix Speed Index - 3.4


Trust Pilot Score - 2.7


Satisfaction - 78%


Hello Peter - 2.1



Speed Score - 35.79


Netflix Speed Index - 3.4


Trust Pilot Score - 1.8


Satisfaction - 80%


Hello Peter - 2.1

Cool Ideas


Speed Score - 45.76


Netflix Speed Index - 3.6


Trust Pilot Score - None


Satisfaction - 85%


Hello Peter - 3.5

An Overview of South Africa’s Top-Rated ISPs

For the 2nd year running, Afrihost has been announced as South Africa’s top-rated Internet service provider (ISP), and awarded the prestigious MyBroadband Award for Best Broadband ISP. This accolade was awarded based on extensive research into the performance of Afrihost’s various broadband offerings, including Fibre, Fixed LTE, Fixed 5G, ADSL, and Mobile services, coupled with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Afrihost’s sustained excellence in broadband service provision is further evidenced by its top position in the Analytico brand strength ratings for ISPs, showcasing the trust and satisfaction South African customers have in their services. The company’s strategic acquisition of CipherWave’s former fibre ISP, Home Connect, demonstrates Afrihost’s commitment to leveraging economies of scale to deliver more affordable, high-quality connectivity.

Additionally, Afrihost continues to innovate with the relaunch of its AirMobile MVNO service, which operates on MTN’s network and has been identified as the most affordable option for heavy data users. This initiative underscores Afrihost’s focus on adapting to market needs and enhancing user experience through technological advancements.

The 2024 rankings highlight other significant players in the ISP market, with Supersonic and Axxess following closely behind Afrihost. Supersonic has shown marked improvement, securing the second spot due to its enhanced service offerings and customer satisfaction. Axxess remains a consistent performer, maintaining its reputation for reliability and service excellence.

The ratings also consider different categories of ISPs, distinguishing between those offering only fibre services and those providing a range of connectivity options. This differentiation helps to clarify the landscape, as fibre providers typically achieve higher customer satisfaction scores. In the fibre-only category, Atomic Access leads, followed by RocketNet and Mind The Speed, which have both risen above competitors like Cool Ideas.

In the smaller ISP category, Cybersmart leads, continuing its streak of exceptional performance over the years. Starlink also makes the list, indicating its growing presence and acceptance in the South African market.

This comprehensive assessment of ISPs in South Africa underscores the importance of both innovation and customer satisfaction in the broadband industry. As ISPs continue to compete and evolve, the focus on enhancing service quality and expanding accessible, high-speed internet remains paramount in meeting the needs of South African consumers.

Ratings of Fibre ISPs in South Africa
Ratings of Small ISPs in South Africa

WebAfrica Fibre Reviews

The following includes is our own analysis of reviews from various reviewers on Trustpilot. We’ve themed the reviews in the following categories:

1. Quick in Getting Connected

Reviews from Trustpilot on the helpfulness of staff at WebAfrica in onboarding new customers is overwhelmingly positive. They often mention customer assistants by name, and It’s often met withΒ  remarks such as “very helpful”, “wonderful”, “awesome”, “making sure we got connected” and describing the overall service as “nothing but the best”.

2. "Awesome Customer Service"

Customer service is another outstanding feature mentioned in reviews of WebAfrica. Various comments include: “thanks..keep up the professional service”, “awesome customer service”,Β 

3. Quick and Simple Solution

Reviewers on WebAFrica often comment on the helpfulness of the staff in finding the best internet solution and making the process very simple and easy to follow. One customer comments: “ i didn’t have to go into detail he knew exactly what i needed to be done and did it within a matter of minutes” Another mentions “response time was unbelievably fast and her instructions on assisting me were very easy to follow.”

4. Excellent Aftercare

Aftercare is another positive feature of WebAfrica. One customer comments “I had been erroneously billed [WebAfrica] was able to very quickly rectify the issue.”

Overall Thoughts

WebAfrica’s reviews on Trustpilot are overwhelmingly positive, and these tend to dwarf the negative reviews of some customers. We encourage anyone looking at WebAfrica as an ISP to visit the TrustPilot website and see the reviews for themselves. If you want to jump straight to WebAfrica fibre deals, you can do that by clicking the button below.Β 

Questions About Fibre ISPs

There are many good reasons to switch to fibre, but here’s a few.

What is the Best Fibre ISP In South Africa?

This very much depends on the criteria determining “best” and the city or location you’re looking to purchase an ISP package. We suggest setting a budget to start and looking for Fibre ISPs in your area. From there you should be able to find comparable packages that best fit your needs.

How many ISPs are there in South AFrica?

In South Africa, there are 16 primary ISPs and several other smaller ones (we’ve noted 7 smaller ISP providers in our table above.

Can I get Fibre in my location?

Fibre is still being installed across the country, however, it is now available in all the provinces in South Africa with new locations being added all the time. To check if you can get Fibre you can click on the check coverage button above.

What are the best fibre packages in South Africa?

Choosing a fibre package again depends on what you need. Are you looking to watch Netflix channels and stream lots of videos? are you looking to do a bit of gaming? Or are you looking to a combination of these things at once? We recommend comparing packages on usage and extending a little bit beyond what you need to prevent steaming issues during high usage.

Do I need a telephone line when choosing a Fibre ISP?

No, you don’t. The phone line is completely separate. However, may need the installation of your Fibre line which can come at a cost. Each ISP will have its own installation fees, so have a look out for that.

Who are the Fibre ISPs in South Africa?

There are 16 primary ISPs – Cool ideas, Afrihost, Axxess, RSAweb, Afrihost, Webafrica, Home Connect, Vox, Vodacom, Supersonic, MWEB, MTN, Herotel, Cell C, Telkom and Rain.Β 

TrustPilot Reviews

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

TrustPilot is the world’s largest independent review site, with nearly 1 million new reviews each month. Founded in 2007, this Danish review site has no prejudice and preference, offering completely transparent and open-source reviews on companies, including South Africa’s top internet service providers (ISPs) mentioned below. What you need to remember though is that not all these companies have the same number of reviews. The higher the number, the more reliable the data. We would encourage anyone visiting this site who has used an ISP to leave their review, and help to build and contribute to objective and transparent understanding of South Africa’s ISPs.Β 

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