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Uncapped Fibre Deals

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Uncapped FIbre Deals

What is Uncapped Fibre?

Uncapped fibre is fibre internet without any restrictions or limits on how much data is used over and above the advertised (or average) upload and download speed for a fibre package. True uncapped fibre has no thresholds like Fair Usage Policies (FUP’s), shaping, or throttling.

For a deeper understanding and definition ofΒ “uncapped fibre” let’s break it down into its parts and see what makes it unique and advantageous to fibre users like you and me.

(1) Fibre: Fibre-optic cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic, which transmit data in the form of light signals. Fibre-optic cables can transmit large amounts of data at incredibly fast speeds, making them ideal for high-speed internet connections and superior to traditional copper-based cables. This means smoother video streaming, faster downloads, and improved online gaming experiences.

(2) Uncapped: What is meant here is the absence of data usage limits or restrictions on the internet connection. With an uncapped fibre connection, users can download and upload as much data as they want without incurring additional charges or experiencing throttling (intentional slowing down of internet speeds). Always check with your chosen provider that the fibre deal you’re interested in is truly uncapped (ie. no fair usage policies and no throttling).

What is Uncapped Fibre?
Uncapped Fibre Deals 2023

What Are the Best Uncapped Fibre Deals in 2024?

The best uncapped fibre deals currently are R19 rand deals. These include Zoom 10 ⬆10⬇ Mpbs forΒ R249 and Vuma 20 ⬆10⬇ Mpbs for R399Β (an uncapped deal which costs R19 for the first 30 days and then switches back to R499). There’s also a range of other cheap uncapped fibre deals including (1) Octotel 35 ⬆20⬇ (2) Openserve 25⬆5⬇ for R499 (4) Frogfoot 40 ⬆10⬇ for R549 (5) Metrofibre 20 ⬆20⬇ for R549Β (6) Vodacom 20 ⬆10⬇ for R649.

With the increasing demand for faster and more reliable Internet in South Africa, fibre has become a popular choice for households and businesses alike. One of the advantages of fibre is the ability to offer uncapped data, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet without worrying about data usage limits. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best uncapped fibre deals available in South Africa in 2024, offered by some of the country’s top Internet service providers. Whether you’re a heavy Internet user or simply looking for a reliable and fast connection, there’s sure to be a plan that suits your needs and budget.

How to Find Uncapped Fibre Deals and Packages in South Africa

1. Determine Your Needs and Budget

1. Determine Your Needs and Budget

Before you start searching for uncapped fibre deals, it’s important to determine your Internet usage needs and budget. Consider the number of users in your household or business, the types of activities you engage in online, and the amount of data you typically use. This will help you choose a plan that offers sufficient speed and data without breaking the bank.


2. Check Fibre Coverage in Your Area

2. Check Fibre Coverage in Your Area

The availability of fibre is not universal in South Africa, so it’s essential to check if your area is covered by fibre infrastructure. You can do this by using an online fibre coverage map or contacting your preferred Internet service provider. If fibre is not yet available in your area, you may need to consider alternative options such as ADSL, LTE or wireless broadband.

3. Compare Plans and Providers

3. Compare Plans and Providers

Once you’ve determined your needs and checked for coverage, it’s time to start comparing plans and providers. Look for providers that offer uncapped data plans with the speeds you need at a price point that fits your budget. Consider factors such as contract length, installation fees, and any additional perks or benefits.

4. Read Reviews and Customer Feedback

4. Read Reviews and Customer Feedback

Before finalising your decision, take the time to read reviews and customer feedback about the providers and plans you’re considering. This can give you a better understanding of the level of service, reliability, and customer support offered by each provider. Look for feedback from users with similar usage patterns and needs to your own to get a more accurate idea of what to expect.


What is Uncapped Fibre?

Uncapped fibre is an internet service that offers unlimited usage without any thresholds or data caps. This means that users can enjoy high-speed internet without having to worry about exceeding a set limit or being charged extra fees. With uncapped fibre, there are no limits to the amount of data you can use (day or night), and there’s no hidden fees for exceeding your usage allowance. This means that you can stream your favourite shows, play online games, and work from home without worrying about reaching a usage threshold. Uncapped Fibre offers an ultra-fast and undiluted internet experience, with no shaping or throttling to slow down your connection.

What is Uncapped Fibre

Uncapped, Unshapped and Unthrolled – What’s the Difference?

Uncapped fibre internet is often conflated with unshaped and un-throttled. Uncapped, unshaped, and unthrottled fibre are essential terms to consider when selecting an internet service provider. In the context of fibre, uncapped refers to the absence of data caps or limitations on the amount of data you can access per month. With an uncapped fibre package, you have unlimited access to the internet, which is ideal for businesses that require uninterrupted connectivity and a seamless workflow.

On the other hand, shaping and throttling are methods used by internet service providers to manage network traffic during peak hours. Shaping prioritises online activities, such as video conferencing, over heavy protocols like downloading and streaming. This may result in a slight reduction in your line speed, but it ensures that critical online activities are not interrupted.

Throttling, on the other hand, is a more severe form of shaping, where internet service providers reduce the speed of all online activities during peak hours. This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on the internet for your work.

Choosing an unshaped or unthrottled fibre package can help to address these issues. Unshaped fibre packages allow for enhanced capabilities across all platforms and activities. Unthrottled fibre packages, while more expensive, ensure consistently fast and reliable internet speeds throughout the month.

While it is ideal to have an uncapped, unshaped, and unthrottled fibre package, budgetary considerations often play a significant role in decision-making. A reliable internet service provider will work with you to create a customised package that meets your business needs while ensuring uninterrupted connectivity throughout the month.

Uncapped, Unshapped, Unthrolled Fibre

How Does Uncapped Fibre Work?

Uncapped fibre internet works by transmitting data over optical fibres using fibre-optic technology. This technology uses light to transmit data, allowing for faster and more reliable internet speeds.

To access uncapped fibre internet, users must have a fibre-optic cable installed at their premises, which is then connected to a router or modem. The router or modem then transmits the data over the fibre-optic cable to the service provider’s network, which is connected to the internet.

Unlike other internet services, such as ADSL or 4G LTE or even 5G, uncapped fibre internet is unthrottled and unshaped. This means that there are no restrictions on the speed of the connection or the type of traffic that can be transmitted. The service provider does not prioritise certain types of traffic or limit the amount of data that can be transmitted, providing users with a high-quality, undiluted internet connection.

Compared to other internet services, such as ADSL or 4G/LTE, uncapped fibre internet is faster and more reliable. Fibre-optic cables are less susceptible to interference and signal degradation, allowing for faster and more consistent speeds. This is especially important for streaming, downloading, and gaming, where a high-speed and reliable connection is necessary.

In summary, uncapped fibre internet uses fibre-optic technology to transmit data over optical fibres, providing faster and more reliable internet speeds. The service is unthrottled and unshaped, ensuring a high-quality, undiluted internet connection.

Benefits of Uncapped Fibre

The Benefits of Uncapped Fibre

Uncapped fibre internet offers a number of benefits over other internet services, such as ADSL or 4G/LTE. The main benefits of uncapped fibre internet are its fast speeds, unlimited data usage, and consistent performance.

One of the biggest advantages of uncapped fibre internet is its fast speeds. Fibre-optic technology allows for much faster data transmission than traditional copper or wireless technologies. This means that users can stream, download, and game at much faster speeds, without experiencing buffering or lag.

Another major advantage of uncapped fibre internet is its unlimited data usage. Unlike other internet services, uncapped fibre internet does not have data caps or usage thresholds. This means that users can enjoy unlimited internet usage without worrying about exceeding a limit or being charged extra fees.

Finally, uncapped fibre internet provides a more consistent performance than other internet services. Because the service is unthrottled and unshaped, there are no limitations on the speed or type of traffic that can be transmitted. This ensures that users can enjoy a high-quality, undiluted internet connection, even during peak usage hours.

The benefits of uncapped fibre internet make it a superior option for those who require a fast and reliable internet connection. The unlimited data usage and consistent performance make it an attractive option for streaming, downloading, and gaming, while the fast speeds allow for quick and seamless internet usage.

How much speed do I need?

When it comes to determining how much speed you need for your Internet connection, there are several factors to consider. The amount of speed you require depends on what you plan on using the Internet for and how many devices you want to connect simultaneously.

For basic activities such as browsing emails, social media, and listening to music, a speed of around 10 Mb per second is ample for about 3 to 4 connected devices. However, if you want to watch 4K streaming video or have a slightly larger household with 4-5 connected devices, you would be better off with a 20 Mb per second line.

If you have multiple people in your household who need to work from home and participate in Teams or Zoom calls, along with watching 4K streaming videos, then a more advanced connection, ideally around 40 to 50 Mb per second, is necessary.

For larger families who frequently use media streaming, play high graphics-intensive video games, and stream 8K video, higher bandwidth is required. In this case, you’ll need at least 100 Mb per second or higher.

Ultimately, the speed you need will depend on your specific situation, including how many devices you plan to connect simultaneously, what you plan on using the Internet for, and whether you’ll be streaming high-quality videos or playing high graphics-intensive video games.

How Much Speed Do I Need

How quickly can I download a 5 GB high-definition movie?

The great thing about uncapped fibre is that there’s no limit to the size of the files you can download, only the speed at which you’re able to download them.Β  So let’s look at how long it takes to download a 5 GB high-definition. If you have a 10 Mbps line, it will take about 1 hour and 8 minutes to download a movie. With a faster connection, such as 20 Mbps, it will take approximately half the time, around 36 minutes.

With even faster connections, such as 40 to 50 Mbps, you’ll have the file downloaded in just 18 minutes. Moving up to a 100 Mbps connection will allow you to download the same movie in just 7 minutes, while a 200 Mbps connection can do it in approximately 4 minutes.

It’s important to note that these speeds are theoretical and may not always be attainable. The actual download time may be affected by various factors such as network congestion, the speed of the server you’re downloading from, and the performance of your device.

When it comes to choosing an Internet service provider (ISP) and plan, it’s essential to consider the download speed that they offer. We suggest comparing ISPs such as Webafrica, RSAWeb, Axcess, Octotel, Openserve, Vuma, and Frogfoot to find the most competitive uncapped fibre deals they offer.

To find the best deals, it’s important to check the fibre coverage map and compare the available plans to determine which one offers the best value for your needs. It’s also important to keep in mind that deals are subject to change, so it’s worth checking back regularly to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date information.


What are the top 5 uncapped deals of 2024?

Here’s a roundup of what we consider to be the top uncapped fibre deals in 2024. We’ve selected these deals from a range of ISPs, including Webafrica, RSAWeb and Axcess, as well as South Africa’s top fibre networks, such as Octotel, Openserve,Β Vuma, and Frogfoot (Also see our best Fibre ISPs of 2024 article). Keep in mind that deals may change from time to time, so it’s a good idea to check back regularly for the latest offers. Additionally, before starting your search for deals, it’s essential to check the fibre coverage map in your area.

Check Fibre in Your Area

Check whether you have fibre to your home in your area. You’ll also be able to see fibre network suppliers for particular locations.

Decide on an Fibre Internet Service Provider (ISP)

There are lots of Fibre Internet Service Providers to choose from. Once you know which networks are in your area, picking an ISP is the next step.

Choose A Fibre Package

There are numerous fibre deals on offer. Review your chosen ISP to see which package deal best suits you. You’ll need to consider the deals based on your budget and fibre bandwidth requirements.

Choosing Uncapped Fibre Plans By Usage

Casual use


10 Mbps Uncapped Download


3-4 Connected Devices


4K Streaming NA


5GB HD Movie Download - 1 hr 8 min

Media Streaming


20 Mbps Uncapped Download


4-5 Conntect Devices


4K Streaming (1 Device)


5 GB HD Movie Download - 36 minutes



40 Mbps Uncapped Download


5-10 Devices


4K Streaming (2 Devices)


5 GB HD Movie Download - 18 minutes

Best for Businesses


100 Mbps Uncapped Download


10+ Connected Devices


4K Streaming X5 Devices


5 GB HD Movie Download - 7 minutes

Uncapped Fibre FAQs

There are many good reasons to switch to uncapped fibre.

What is the difference between capped and uncapped fibre internet?

Capped fibre internet places a limit on the amount of data that can be used per month, after which users will be charged extra fees or experience slower speeds. Uncapped fibre internet, on the other hand, allows for unlimited data usage without any additional charges or speed reductions.

Will I experience slower speeds during peak usage hours with uncapped fibre internet?

Uncapped fibre internet is unthrottled and unshaped, which means that there are no limitations on the speed or type of traffic that can be transmitted. This ensures more consistent performance even during peak usage hours.

Is uncapped fibre internet suitable for gaming?

Yes, uncapped fibre internet is suitable for gaming due to its fast speeds and consistent performance. With no data caps or usage thresholds, gamers can enjoy unlimited internet usage without worrying about exceeding a limit or being charged extra fees.

Is uncapped fibre internet more expensive than capped fibre internet?

While the cost of fibre internet varies by provider, uncapped fibre internet is generally more expensive than capped fibre internet due to the unlimited data usage it offers.

Is it necessary to have a fibre-optic cable installed at my premises to access uncapped fibre internet?

Yes, fibre-optic cables must be installed at your premises in order to access uncapped fibre internet. This requires a technician to install the cable and connect it to a router or modem.

How long does it take to install a fibre-optic cable at my premises?

The installation time for a fibre-optic cable at your premises depends on a number of factors, such as the distance from the service provider’s network and the complexity of the installation. However, it typically takes several hours for a technician to install the cable and connect it to a router or modem

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