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Vox Fibre offers speeds ranging from 4 Mbps to an astounding 1Gbps (1000 Mbps), covering all nine provinces in South Africa. They offer month-to-month contracts that are unshaped and unthrottled, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade your fibre line with ease. What’s more, with the Vobi App, you can enjoy 60 free voice minutes per month.


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Use the filters and slider to find and compare Vox Fibre Deals. The best filter to start with is “Select Network” where you narrow down your search networks in your area. You might also want to filter by speed and price. For the slider to work effectively, start by setting the price range from high to low and work backwards towards the cheaper deals. We’ve included a comparison link to WebAfrica fibre deals where you’ll find the same networks at competitive pricing. Links to other providers can be found here.

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Vox Fibre Deals 2024

Vox fibre deals are available across most of South Africa’s popular networks and provide a range of speeds and price points catering to every fibre connectivity need. Whether you’re looking for basic connectivity for light browsing and emails or a super fast fibre connection for heavy streaming and gaming, Vox has options on networks like Frogfoot, Vumatel, Openserve, TTconnect, Octotel, Metrofibre, and Balwinfibre.

Among these fibre deals, the three most compelling based on their balance of speed and cost are:


  • 🚀 20 Mbps ⬇️ 10 Mbps ⬆️ Price: R299.00 /month on the openserve network. For those on a budget, this deal provides a respectable speed for both downloading and uploading at an affordable rate.
  • 🚀 40 Mbps ⬇️ 10 Mbps ⬆️ Price: R369.00 /month on the openserve network. This deal offers a good balance of download and upload speed at a very competitive price, making it an ideal choice for moderate users.
  • 🚀 100 Mbps ⬇️ 50 Mbps ⬆️ Price: R749.00 /month on the openserve network. This is a perfect plan for heavy users who need a faster download speed without breaking the bank.
Vox Fibre Deals

What is Vox Fibre?

Vox Fibre is your gateway to superfast and reliable internet connectivity, a service offered by Vox, a leading Internet Service Provider in South Africa. It caters to both residential and business needs, providing unparalleled access to the digital world. With a wide selection of Vox fibre packages, you can stream, browse, shop, and download without any interruptions, ensuring that your online experiences and entertainment are limitless.

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