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About Lightstruck Fibre

Lightstruck is a fibre internet provider based in Cape Town South Africa. Their aim and vision, however, are much wider than just Cape Town, looking to bring fibre to homes and businesses in the South African region through partnerships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Lightstruck is backed by Eaglestone, a leading international infrastructure player with over 100 years of experience and a track record of successful projects. They have been involved in over USD 15 billion of infrastructure transactions in the last 15 years and have a specific focus on developments in Southern Africa. This gives Lightstruck the resources and expertise to develop and install fibre internet in communities across Southern Africa.

The company’s vision is to develop, own, and operate open access, high-end, last-mile fibre by deploying an infrastructure investment methodology that will deliver long term fibre optic networks for the economic and social benefit of the communities in which fibre is deployed. They plan on deploying fibre internet in communities that have expressed interest in the service. Lightstruck has chosen contractors and ISPs that will minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses while providing excellent service and products.

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Lightstruck fibre in Cape Town

Lightstruck Fibre Installation

Step 1: The process begins with a civil contractor who is selected to install the fibre network along the roads in your suburb. This network will end with a connection box outside your property, as close to your private boundary as possible. A connector will be installed inside this boundary box to connect your Home Drop, allowing you to access an active fibre connection.

Step 2: The second step is known as the Home Drop. This is the connection from the boundary box into your house. The Home Drop can be requested through the Home Drop contractor. After the Home Passed network has been installed, you would need to order a fibre service through one of Lightstruck’s partner ISPs. This will include your Home Drop order. A Home Drop contractor will schedule an installation with you and during this installation, your cabling is installed, taking approximately 2 hours and will include an active device that will render your fibre connection live. Once the Home Drop installation is complete, you will be left with a working service from your ISP.

Step 3: The last step is the Internal Network setup, which is your own responsibility. Lightstruck uses only the very best cable and next generation connection devices, with the best WIFI protocols, when installing their networks. The device includes WIFI and ETHERNET ports. If you need to strengthen the signal because you have a large property, this is your own responsibility.

It is important to note that Lightstruck only takes care of the infrastructure and fibre installations required to allow home and business owners to utilise fast-speed fibre internet. Once the installation process is complete, it is up to the customer to make the necessary arrangements to activate the fibre connection.

Lightstruck’s Open-Access Fibre Networks

To activate your fibre connection after network installations are complete in your area, you will need to contact Lightstruck to schedule a Home Drop. This will take approximately 2 hours and will include a device that will activate your fibre connection. Once the installation is complete, you will be left with an active fibre service through your ISP. For this installation service, Lightstruck will charge a once-off installation fee.

To find out more about the range of fibre packages and the best fibre deals available from Lightstruck’s partner ISPs, you can contact any of their service providers. They will be able to supply you with detailed information about available packages, fibre speeds, and more. Alternatively, you can find answers to frequently asked questions on Lightstruck’s website.

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