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Top Evotel Fibre Packages 2024

Get Evotel fibre deals on offer with exceptional, low latency, high-speed fibre internet to households throughout South Africa. With fibre networks across Gauteng, Evotel continuously extends their reach to offer their first-rate fibre services to an increasing number of residences. With internet speeds reaching up to 200Mbps, opting for Evotel guarantees a swift, dependable online experience for you and your loved ones.


Evotel Fibre Packages and Deals

Discover the power of lightning-fast, ultra-reliable fibre internet with Evotel. Their mission is to provide seamless and stable connectivity to households and businesses throughout South Africa. Evotel has been redefining the internet experience by empowering users with state-of-the-art fibre technology, transforming the way they live, work, and connect with loved ones.

With a wide range of fibre packages tailored to suit any budget and requirement, Evotel offers unparalleled flexibility in choosing the perfect internet solution. Whether it’s for gaming, running a home office, connecting with friends and family, or unlocking endless educational opportunities, Evotel has got it all covered.

Evotel’s team of passionate and experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering round-the-clock service and support to both new and existing customers. As an open-access fibre-to-the-home network provider, they are committed to offering a stable and uncompromised network across all South African suburbs.

Don’t settle for mediocre internet connectivity when Evotel’s fibre solutions can help you experience the internet like never before. Take the first step towards a future of unparalleled speed, reliability, and limitless possibilities by signing up with Evotel today.

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Evotel Fibre Packages and Deals

Evotel, a leading telecommunications provider, is dedicated to delivering world-class, low latency, high-speed fibre internet to homes throughout South Africa. By leveraging advanced technology and infrastructure, Evotel ensures that customers enjoy the best possible online experience.

With a successful track record of implementing high-quality fibre networks across Gauteng, Evotel has established itself as a trusted provider in the region. The company is committed to continuous expansion, aiming to increase its fibre footprint and bring its premium fibre experience to more South African homes. This effort reflects Evotel’s dedication to providing greater access to fast and reliable internet for all.


Cheaper Evotel Packages and Deals


For users seeking higher bandwidth, the 200 Mbps ⬇ 200 Mbps ⬆ plan is offered at R997.00 per month. The 400 Mbps ⬇ 200 Mbps ⬆ package provides enhanced performance for R1197.00 per month, catering to heavy internet users. Finally, the top-tier 1000 Mbps ⬇ 100 Mbps ⬆ package delivers ultra-fast speeds at R1447.00 per month.

Afrihost and Octotel are committed to providing exceptional internet services in 2024, offering a variety of fibre packages designed to meet different needs and budgets.


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