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Who Is MetroFibre?

MetroFibre Networx is a South African-owned and managed open-access fibre network and broadband fibre provider offering fibre optic broadband connectivity. The company caters to an array of customers, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), resellers, and residential and businesses. It is a carrier-class Ethernet (CE 3.0) infrastructure company, offering dedicated Internet access, high-speed broadband network connectivity, voice over IP, IP transit, Layer 2 services, and data centre connectivity.

MetroFibre Networx was established in 2010 with its headquarters based in Gauteng. It owns and manages South Africa’s first globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 3.0 (CE 3.0) open-access fibre network. The company operates nationally, connecting businesses and individuals to the internet, cloud, data centres, voice and Internet Service Providers with their customers.

MetroFibre Networx has active shareholding and board representation from Sanlam Private Equity (SPE), African Rainbow Capital (ARC), STOA Infra & Energy, management and other minority shareholders. In 2020, African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) and SAHIF joined the table to further grow MetroFibre’s fibre network and empowerment capabilities.


Metrofibre Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

MetroFibre provides reliable, high-quality fibre internet connectivity service for consumers at home, leveraging an open-access fibre network. Our fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service offers numerous benefits, including month-to-month packages, symmetrical upload and download speeds, a 30-day cancellation period, and a focus on customer service excellence.

Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds

One of the key benefits of our FTTH service is symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means that you can upload and download data at the same fast speed, resulting in a more consistent and reliable internet experience. The FTTH 1Gbps package is asymmetrical, offering 1Gbps download and 500Mbps upload speeds.

Flexible Packages and Cancellation Period

Metrofibre offer a range of month-to-month packages, giving you the flexibility to choose a plan that suits your needs. Additionally, they offer a 30-day cancellation period, allowing you to cancel your subscription if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Customer Service Excellence

MetroFibre is committed to providing excellent customer service . Their customer service team is available to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have, and we strive to ensure that all customer issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

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Free Termination Point Installation

The Termination Point is a small device that connects a home to the fibre network, enabling high-speed, reliable internet connectivity. MetroFibre understands the importance of getting the installation of the Termination Point right as it is a crucial step in the process of setting up the fibre internet connection.

MetroFibre provides a comprehensive fibre installation service that ensures that the customer’s home is fully equipped to take advantage of the many benefits of fibre internet connectivity. As part of the installation process, MetroFibre offers a no-obligation installation of a Termination Point (TP) into the resident’s home, free of charge, regardless of whether the client chooses to subscribe to the service at that time or not.

A team of experienced technicians from MetroFibre works with the customer to determine the best location for the Termination Point in their home, considering factors such as the placement of other devices and the layout of the home. After determining the location, the technician proceeds with the installation of the Termination Point, ensuring that it is securely fastened and connected to the fibre network.

Typically, the installation of the Termination Point is a simple process that takes only a few hours to complete. Once the installation is complete, the customer can take advantage of the many benefits of fibre internet connectivity, such as fast, reliable internet speeds and a seamless online experience.


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