How to Check Fibre in Your Area

The majority of ISPs and Networks in South Africa have coverage maps. This allows you to check fibre in your area. The process for checking fibre coverage is very similar. This article provides a definitive guide to finding fibre in your town, city or street address.

4 Steps to Finding Fibre in Your Area

Fibre Coverage

1. Check Coverage

coverage map. If you’re unsure of which ISPs serve your area then check our fibre coverage map where we’ve split the map into ISPs serving major SA cities and towns – Cape Town, Joburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Soweto.  


Add Your Address

2. Add Your Address

Type in the address where you’re looking to install the fibre connection. Select the right street address from the options provided. There’s usually a button to run the search. Some ISPs do this automatically

Fibre in My Area

3. Fibre Availability 

If there’s fibre already available in your area you will usually be shown a selection of fibre packages that are available. Review the packages against your needs. You don’t want to buy a package that’s so expensive that end you end up paying for unused data and bandwidth. At the same time, you don’t want to be too spendthrift and end up with a fibre package that doesn’t meet your requirements. For an excellent review on broadband packages check our package review here.

No Fibre Coverage

4. Requesting Fibre

If you find that fibre isn’t available in your area, don’t disappear, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you might want to look at alternative packages – e.g. LTE. Alternatively, if you’re set on getting the fibre you can still apply for it. The ISP will usually provide you with an email notification when fibre becomes available..


Use the WebAfrica Map to Check Fibre in Your Area


Fibre Coverage Across South Africa

The fibre coverage map from WebAfrica below covers the entire country – Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and other major cities and towns. You can also check the map against key ISP in your area including Openserve, Vumatel, Frogfoot and others.

Once you’ve found the fibre network that works for you, select a package that works.

Questions related to “Fibre In My Area” and Fibre Coverage Maps

Here’s a list of common questions about fibre coverage and coverage maps in South Africa

How do I check fibre my in area?

Each ISP and network is different, but typically it’s very simple. You’ll see a fibre coverage map. Click in the search bar. It may prompt you for your postcode. From there there  you’ll see a Google Maps graphic with a highlighted overlay of the areas covered. If you’re covered, great, there’s fibre in your area.

What do I do I can't find Fibre in my Area?

Generally if you live the main suburbs of South Africa – Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, or Pretoria – you will be likely to see fibre shaded areas on the coverage map.  If you can’t find fibre in your area, you’ll need to check (1) which providers are available in your area (2) any timelines for rolling out fibre in you area. 

Are All Areas of a City Covered by a Network?

No, they’re not. Oftentimes the coverage is limited to very specific areas within a city. For this reason, we encourage first-time visitors to search for their street address on the fibre coverage map.

If there's no fibre in my area, will there ever be?

It’s likely that if you live in major urban area that fibre will be available in your area at some point in the future.  Fibre will continue to expand across South Africa as demand for it increases.

How do I Check My Fibre Coverage?

The best place to check fibre coverage in your area is by visiting one of the main internet service providers (ISPs) and checking if they have coverage. This is a good place to start. Once you’ve done that double-check on the fibre coverage map of the provider you’re looking at, just to make sure you’re covered on your street (i.e. fibre to the home)

What percentage of South Africa has fibre?

There are 51.39 Million people in South Africa. Of those there are 1.5 million fibre customers in South Africa polled in 2020, up from only 31,843 recorded in 2015.  roughly 2.9% of South Africa as a whole have fibre. But considering that 38.13 million active internet users in South Africa, then 3.9% have fibre. 

Check Your Fibre Coverage

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